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We help our customers solve one of the most complex challenges in our new age – data flood. Helping you grow your business, to be at the forefront of innovation, empowering and transforming your business by adopting the most advanced AI technologies. Maximize your business growth by minimizing the work and infrastructure cost. Transform your data to information and information into knowledge in secured and simplicity way. To do things differently and do different things, customize and tailor-made just for you!

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Our ability to deliver results for our clients starts with our team. We are Artificial intelligence (AI) & Data-driven. Experts in architecture definition of large distributed systems on both on-prem and cloud. Coming with years of experience in machine learning, deep learning, image processing, NLP, speech & face recognition, anomaly detection, predictions, blockchain and more.

Deep understanding and experience of data platform technologies, including breadth of technical experience and knowledge with big data solutions such as Hadoop ecosystem, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Spark, Kafka, Cassandra, Databricks, HBase, etc.

We have vast experience with IoT streaming using tools such as Apache Beam, Spark streaming, MQTT brokers, Kafka, Akka, Kinesis, pub-sub, etc. Modeling Data & AI technology vision and culture of customers and partners learning.

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Data To Value

Understanding the needs, The challenges and the context, We connect your business data to improve and maximize insights and workflows.

Personalized a solution, overcoming complexity and legacy with our sophisticated advanced AI technology, based on machine learning (ML) and deep learning, such as video analytics, Natural language processing (NLP), Speech & face recognitions, anomaly, predictions, etc.